Yeah, I will take suggestions. Don’t be disappointed if I don’t get to it. I have a (slowly opening) schedule, that once school is over, I can get to easier. I take character, stage, music, and site requests (meaning what I can do to make my website better).


8 Responses to “Suggestions”

  1. What games do you have to take music from? Could you convert the song of healing (or any better ocarina song from Majora’s Mask; it’s been a long time) into a victory theme?

  2. I just find any mp3 off the web and work my amazing editing skills. lol
    I’ll find that and get back to you 😀

    EDIT: i have most of the ocarina songs. i’ll just make them all and you can pick which ones you want.

    EDIT2: all done. take your choice in the Super Song update or click the mjora’s mask in the downloads page

  3. peter the website needs more monkeys lol

  4. Thanks kevin… I’ll get back to you on it

  5. I wouldn’t mind having Dynamo(From Megaman X5 and X7) in Brawl. =D

    Also, you should make Max(from Shining Force) in Brawl, I think Ike would be very good for that.

  6. Er…my bad…I made a few mistakes(no sleep)

    I meant Dynamo’s theme(from Megaman X5 and X6), sorry. x.x

  7. That’s ok 😀
    so Dynamo theme from Megaman X5 and X6 and Max from Shining Force on Ike

  8. Wow, really? Thanks so much! I’ve been a major Dynamo fan(my favorite Megaman X villain) ever since I was younger so this means alot. XD Same with Shining Force, too.

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