Website Update

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I’ve been trying to migrate my codes to my new website, and I’ve been using sql tables to organize it, but it seems that my host doesn’t like to make things easy for me because I can’t edit new rows of my tables without either exporting, editing in a text editor, importing, or deleting the contents of the table and starting the whole thing fresh again. I’ll try to figure that one out, but besides my Frankenstein version of a code entry form, I’m thinking that I’m also going to have to code my own editor page too. For anyone interested, I’m going to be moving EVERYTHING to and you can see that I am still redirecting things to my WordPress blog right here. I still want to be able to code a visually pleasing page in html before moving, but for now, I have to stay scattered on a million different sites. Not that anyone comes here anymore to check on things 😉



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I’ve started a lot of progress on my new site. I’ve been updating all my N64 codes to sql tables for easier reference, so I just need to get better with php to use it all. I want to make a code generator for Spiderman before I continue with it though. But first I have a research paper and need to stop distracting myself. You’ll be hearing more from me..

By the Way

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LongSuRGe Released (the guide for longer sfx). Download links are available in the thread here:

and i’ve decided not to do a sawndz guide for it. with this guide, you can figure it out 😉

good luck and happy hacking!


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Won’t be long until…

•April 6, 2011 • 2 Comments

Sawndz is moving along much more quickly than I expected. It is already in the early stages of incorporating my long sounds guide into the replacement process. Maybe instead of finishing my old school guide on it, I’ll just make the guide with Sawndz in mind since more people tend to use it anyway. I’ll update my Readme Maker to accommodate Sawndz users as well, although using .dat files is much easier than whatever I can say.

What do you think? Finish the guide I already made, or scrap the old one and make a new one for Sawndz?

Check out the progress on Sawndz here:

Better than a guide

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..maybe. But it’s still awesome.

Be sure to check out Jaklub’s progress on his program, Sawndz. It is a program that lets you automatically insert hex packets and even your own sounds into the brsar without having to open a hex editor once. I’m helping him iron out the bugs in it and after that, it should be able to do everything you could ever want it to do, including longer sfx.

Check it out right here:

Finishing the Guide…

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I want to make this as easy as possible for all of you who want to finally use this guide, so I’m going to incorporate some programs I’ve made into the directions. This will eliminate any additional math you may need, and it will help you find the fix and frequency offsets so much faster than you were able to before. So check out my programs HERE to see what is in store. I have one program that lets you find every fix and frequency offset of a sound folder within seconds, and the other program is a hex packet readme maker which allows you to make clear directions for your sound effect hacks.

Check everything out right here:

Instructions can be found in the wiki, even though the UI is very user-friendly.

With that said, would anybody like to make a 48×48 px and a 16×16 px icon for my programs and google code website?