Since every other Brawl hacking website has one of these, I’ll make one as well to be official.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: https://stickman221.wordpress.com/contact/

Q: What is this site about?
A: It’s my personal blog, but a little more than that. I will regularly put updates up of different things to enhance your Brawl experience, such as music, textures, etc.

Q: Can you help me with _____ ?
A: If that blank pertains to anything related to Brawl texture/music hacking, flash movie making, or N64 hacking, then yes, I would gladly help you out.

Q: Where can I download all your stuff?
A: Click on the “Downloads” tab 🙂

More questions? Post a comment and I’ll add it to the list.


17 Responses to “F.A.Q.”

  1. I got a (-1) error trying to use the USB Loader. What does that mean?

  2. are you using a compatible usb disk? i know that people have had problems because their flash drive or something wasnt compatible

  3. That’s probably why, but to be honest, I’d rather it be a different reason lol.

    “I reject your reality, and substitute my own.”

  4. Well in that case, Adam, was it plugged in? (I love Mythbusters haha)

  5. Am I missing an eyebrow?

    Hm, I got bootmii recently, so I’ll try reinstalling a cIos and a custom system menu. Probably an incompatible flash drive, but I’m bored.

    Don’t worry about my problem.

  6. just don’t hurt yourself haha

  7. My flash drive is on the list of incompatible devices. Oh well, I have dolphin.

  8. That bites. Sorry man.

  9. It’s alright. I talked to Phantom, and he said *hit by a dart* nooooooottt agaaaaaiinn… *passes out*

  10. wait, ¿what?

  11. I asked if I could see his notes on the subject, and he explained what needed to be done, and he referred to it as “grunt work.”

  12. for music or the usb loader? (i assume music)
    i wish that some other hacker would help him with it. everybody just takes it for granted that PW is going to make the uber code so they can just wait for him so they can have the super amazing coolio game. not many people have thanked PW for his work and that ticks me off as a hacker myself.

    If i knew wii asm and had a usb gecko, i would be first in line to try and help him out. its the least anyone can do.

  13. I will forward his PM to you.

  14. Hrmph. I don’t have a clue to these codes. How do you load them?

  15. for the n64, you would use a gameshark cartridge. for genesis, i believe it is called a pro action replay (PAR) or game gear. or you could just use an emulator

  16. Why did Bonzai die? X_X

  17. IDK… he kinda fell apart when SS was hacked

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