Not worth it

I know it’s April Fool’s and you aren’t going to believe me, but whatever.

I’m not going public with this, just because I hate long drama filled quitting posts on the main blog. I’ve never seen one of them go well on KCMM, ESH, or SS. Everyone who needs to know that I’m leaving already does, so for my closer fans, this is just a heads up to you.

Yes, I’m quitting, but it’s more frustrating than I thought. I figured I would at least finish the guide before I left, but there are literally dozens of people who send me PMs pretty much yelling at me to finish it. I have more homework than they can fathom, I play three varsity sports each year, and I have AP testing in less than a month. Definitely school > hacking in my life, and I don’t want to be around the impatient people anymore. If they want the guide that badly, there’s a skeleton of a guide out, and I know I’ve had a success with it already, so it’s not impossible. In fact, that’s the final version of the guide, just without pictures. The pictures are the only thing missing, so if you have any reading ability above 4th grade, you can figure it out.

I’d say sorry I’m leaving, but that’s too nice and not how I feel.


~ by stickman on April 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Not worth it”

  1. It is unfortunate to not have a guide with images indeed, but I really think anyone who knows how to do basic replacement sound can handle this very easily even if there is no image. Anyway, I suppose it is better for you to quit, you will come back when you will have time, hacking shouldn’t take you so much time it becomes bad for you. Thank you for your guides that served me a lot, will continue to serve me, and served and will serve a lot of other people. And good luck with your life, this is the most important.

  2. This is what happens when selfish assholes ruin a hobby because they have lost sight of just how important (or should I say unimportant?) It is. And Kitty Corp. says I was wrong for telling people on ESH that there’s more to life than hacking Brawl.

    This should serve as a reminder that real life is more important that anything else. I hope you’ll be happier now, Good luck with your life.

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