On a Lazy Friday

I got out of school early because it had a water or sewage problem… Awesome 🙂

Anyway, I added a small update to my Fix Maker application. Now it displays what it is writing inside the offsets.txt file it makes instead of just closing the program and you hope that it finished. It’s not really a big deal if you want to use the program like it is supposed to be used (as in the last Wave# doesn’t exceed 100), but if you want to do a stress test, enter 2,000,000 as the last Wave# and 0 as the Wave0 offset, then see how long it takes to finish. On my ancient computer, it took about 15 or more minutes to get up to 2,000,000. It also wrote an offsets.txt file with a size of 11+ MB.

Find the “Stickman’s Programs” link on the sidebar to find the download site for my programs.

Go crazy and watch your computer count faster than you can speak 😉


~ by stickman on March 11, 2011.

One Response to “On a Lazy Friday”

  1. PS i’m going to try working on the guide over the weekend.

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