Longer SFX v.03a

Round Three.. Yes, I still need pictures. That will go into the next version.

Longer SFX Guide

  1. Follow original sounds guide to find the Sound and Fix offsets of the sound slot you want to replace. In addition to this, make note of the Frequency and the length of the sound (in seconds) as seen in Smashbox. We will edit the sound later.
  2. Go into Hex Mode of Windows Calculator and subtract 38 hex from your fix offset. This will give you your frequency offset. Write it down.
  3. Now that you have the offsets of all the important things, let’s edit the sound.
  4. We need to shrink our new sound to fit into the time slot for the original sound, or else it won’t fit. To accomplish this in Audacity, open your wav and highlight the whole thing. Click on the “Effect” menu and select “Change Speed…” This will bring up a popup that lets you increase the speed at which the sound plays. Change the settings until the sound is playing fast enough that it has an equal or shorter time length than the sound you are replacing. Make a note of the percentage that you sped up the sound.
  5. I’m still working on a way how to make the math for this more accurate. The way how I see it, 100% faster is the same as ‘twice as fast’ and 200% faster is the same as 4 times as fast, so try to estimate how many times faster your sound is than it is when unedited. I would try to multiply the frequency by two, then divide by 100 to get your estimate. In decimal mode on Windows Calculator, divide your Frequency by the number you estimated (example: 22050 / 3 if you speed your sound 150%) and this will give you your new frequency (7350 in this example).
  6. Convert your answer to hex by just switching into hex mode on the calculator. (7350 -> 1CB6 hex). Keep this number handy.
  7. Replace your newly edited and sped up sound like you would with any other normal sound.
  8. After replacing the Fix, go to the Frequency offset and replace the numbers there with your new frequency. (If you are replacing a sound with 22050 as the frequency, you will see 5622 in this spot, which you will now replace with 1CB6 in this example)
  9. Save and test in Smashbox. If the sound seems too low-pitched, adjust your frequency to be higher than what it is right now. If the sound seem too high-pitched, decrease your frequency. Guess and check is the only method I know how to do at this point. Save and keep testing until it is perfect.


Better, but still not there. Please, keep giving feedback. Pictures will be here for next version.



~ by stickman on February 27, 2011.

3 Responses to “Longer SFX v.03a”

  1. Indeed the guide seems better, but it can be better than this. I think firstly the images will make it better, of course, and you’re fully aware of this. But what can be good too, is to make an exemple, like you’ve done with your previous tutorial with Sonic’s taunt. For example, take a precise sound of Sonic, and a sound longer than his sound, like for example one of Shadow’s voice, and explain how you managed to put it with pictures, what did you do in order to put it. I think it will show better what has to be done.

  2. ^ will do 🙂

  3. One thing that would be good to be done, I thought of it, would be to make a tutorial explaining how to choose what sounds is played for what animation. It would be very useful to know, especially on characters like ganondorf for example who has souns that are unused, and if I recall correctly, one sound which has a good length. Of course, when I say this, I’m fully aware that you won’t be able to do it as you don’t use Psa, but if someone who knows to use it, it would be nice of him to make a tutorial to complete yours.

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