Longer SFX Guide (poorly written version)

This isn’t even worth a forum post yet, so for my one or two daily viewers, this is for you. I wrote this a while ago for a dude who I was helping with SFX, but I never posted this because I wanted to rewrite it into terms that everybody could understand… I never got around to that. So here is the guide (word for word) that I wrote down and never finished.

The Longer SFX Guide

1) Find the sound you want to replace. Make a note of its frequency

2) Edit your .wav file so it fits into the time slot. This means that if you want to replace a sound that is 2.34 seconds long, your edited sound must be sped up to get to that point. To do this, use your sound editing software to increase both tempo and pitch until the sound fits into the time slot. If you preview the sound now, it sounds really fast and it will have a voice like a mosquito.

3) I’m trying to figure out a way how to do math in this situation.. But general rule of thumb, if you increased the speed of the frequency x2, then divide the frequency of the original sound by two. Use this kind of logic to find your new frequency.

4) replace the sound as normal, both sound and fix

5) New Part: after those are replaced, subtract 38 hex from your fix offset, this will bring you to the frequency. write this offset down, you will be referring to it many times. convert your new frequency to hex and enter it here.

6) save and preview. if your sound sounds deeper than it should, you need to increase the frequency, and if it sounds too high pitched, it needs to be decreased still. i ended up fine tuning sounds by hand after i got my initial calculation. it sounds harder than what it really is

once it is perfect, make a hex packet that includes the frequency instead of just the fix, otherwise other people can’t use the sound without it being high pitched

*NOTE: depending on how much longer your sound is, the quality of it will decrease. Don’t try to replace a sound with something too long becaues it won’t sound good afterwards.



Help me make it even better. Ask questions for clarification, and I will be able to make this guide easier to read and understand. Maybe this will get onto the forums when it is better. Here’s hoping someone sees this… Tell your sound-hacking friends about it.


~ by stickman on February 26, 2011.

5 Responses to “Longer SFX Guide (poorly written version)”

  1. Your wish is granted!

    I have questions. I want to know firstly why you put New part in one of the steps? Does it means that this is the only step additionnal to your previous guide? I ask this because I think it can be bad interpretated when we read it.

    An observation, maybe you should warn that there are some sounds that can’t be replaced, those sounds in fact that have some bugs when you select them on smashbox.

    An other question now, those sounds that doesn’t bug, but plays nothing, they can also be replaced isn’t it? It should be the logic, even if the sound you put on them must be short. But is it really possible for these sounds that play nothing, even if we have a short sound, to make them inferior to 0,01 second, what is suggested by smashbox? (normally) I ask this because if this speed up of sound is necessary, it is really necessary to know how to do it…

    Other suggestions, to those who don’t really know how to use audacity in order to speed up the sounds, maybe you can be a little more explicit about the steps? I mean what do you need to click on the tool bar and those types of things.

    Maybe include some images too, this would be good, but I’m sure you already thought of it.

    And the last thing,this is my last question, and the most important, not being able to extract a sound, I mean a single sound so for example Sonic’s Wave 15, does it means sound hacking for longer sfx is much more difficult? It can sound like an idiot question, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one in this case and it scares me, especially about these very tiny sounds…

    Anyway, thank you for this guide, even if it needs to be improved, I think it will be useful for other people!

  2. Thanks for your input, all of this will be addressed for the next version. Definitely images will be put up. I think that it is understood that the blanks and buggy ones will still not be replaced, only because they can’t be replaced normally anyways. But I guess it is worth it to note that the sounds in this guide only affect the sounds that are able to be hacked normally. Thanks for that tip!

    For the “new part,” I meant that as probably the only thing that changes from the original guide, but seeing as this is a whole new guide from the old one, it’s a little redundant to say it.

    But thanks again, I appreciate your help!

  3. Hum, you said one time to me that the sounds that play nothing and not bug can also be replaced, not with long sounds, but still can be replaced. Are you saying now that it is no longer the case? Because here I’m a little lost about it!

  4. Well, technically, they can be replaced, but to use them, you would need to use PSA to reference them. I don’t really suggest you do this though because the sounds are going to be very low quality and I don’t support PSA questions because I don’t know it. For the sake of this guide and to save PSA masters the trouble of answering millions of questions on how to identify sound effects in PSA, I’m just going to say, “don’t replace the blanks.”

  5. Oh yeah it makes more sense! I fully understand your opinion. But I’m sure they can have their utility, on very small sounds, at least I will try it and see what happens! Thank you, I was a little worried about that!

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