BETA Sound Tool: FIX Maker

I’m learning C++ and I made a new program that finds ALL the FIX offsets in a Wave folder of the .brsar.

It’s very basic, but the only problem is that it is written in decimal. As soon as I figure out how to do hexadecimal math in C++, this program will be complete.



1) Open program

2) Enter the last Wave number (this is the number of the last sound in the Waves folder of the brsar)

3) Find the FIX offset of Wave0, convert that to decimal, and enter it into the program. Unfortunately you have to do a little bit of work yourself to get the offset, but the rest of the offsets will be made automatically after that. (IMPORTANT: If your Wave0 FIX offset is wrong, the rest of the offsets will also be wrong. Double check your math and make sure you are in the right spot before continuing.)

4) offsets.txt will be created and you will have the list of Waves next to their offsets.

5) Convert the offsets to hexadecimal and you have all your FIX offsets.




~ by stickman on February 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “BETA Sound Tool: FIX Maker”

  1. Damn, You’re really taking care of your bucket list quickly. Is It so you can retire from Brawl hacking as quickly as possible, Or are you just a fast worker? *Laughs*

  2. haha this wasn’t even on the list. I’m just fast (except when it matters, i’m redonkulously slow)

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