SFX requests are open if you follow the rules.

Stickman’s Rules for SFX Requests

Even though the guide was released, some people still may have problems with replacement, or they just don’t want to bother with it. I will take requests, but you must follow these simple rules so you get the sounds as fast as possible.


1. You must decide what sounds go where, in SmashBox format. This means that you rename your sfx to the Wave# you want it to replace, and also place it in the appropriate folder as shown below.




—–Wave0.wav <— (these are YOUR sounds, not the original sounds from the brsar)






2. The new sounds you want in Brawl must be less than or equal to the length of the original sound you want to replace.


Original 17.1s, Replacement 17.0s —-Good

Original 17.1s, Replacement 17.1s —-Good

Original 17.1s, Replacement 17.2s —-Bad


3. The sounds you want in Brawl must be the same frequency of the original sounds you want to replace.


Original 22050, Replacement 22050 —-Good

Original 22050, Replacement 44100 —-Bad

Original 22050, Replacement 13000 —-Bad


4. You must be able to communicate with me very quickly. Either you can respond to a PM within a day, or you talk to me on IM. It makes the process smoother.


5. Be polite. I do have other things I could be doing. The more polite you are, the faster your sounds will get done.


6. Credit: I will keep the hex packets in my BrawlVault for download, with credit to you for editing the sounds. You can upload a brsar to your BrawlVault with credit to me for replacing the sounds.




~ by stickman on September 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “SFX requests are open if you follow the rules.”

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  2. I can’t find your IM info on the mobile theme, but I do have a request. My AIM/MSN/Yahoo are all RaqibTwelve@yahoo.co.jp if you can IM me when you have some free time.

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