New Code

If anyone could remind me what type of code this is, let me know… I forgot what it went to.

77656C6C 2C204920
4D757374 20736179
2C204974 20476574
73207265 616C6C79
20486F54 20774865
6E20416C 6C207065
6F706C65 2056456E
7420696E 2043526F
77646564 20706C41
4365732E 2063614B
45732061 72652044
656C6963 696F7573
206F7554 206F6620
74484520 42696720
6F76656E 2E207573
6520796F 75522072
65536F75 72636573
20776865 6E207468
65792041 52652061
7661696C 61626C65
2E204672 6565204F
5267616E 7320696E
204D7920 6241636B
79617264 2E207365
6520796F 75205468
6572652E 20776F72
64207570 20686F6D
6965202E 2E2E2E2E


~ by stickman on January 31, 2010.

One Response to “New Code”

  1. i didnt find it in any of my brawl stuff for rsbe so idk

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