What do you want to see?

Since I have done barely anything in the past month, I figured I would let the viewers decide what they want to see next. The First four comments (from different people) will get the request they ask for.
This can range from:
Texture hack (stage or character or effects/final smashes)
PSA moveset hack
Tutorial on getting textures to work in Blender (yes I’ve done it)
N64 Gameshark code request
Brawl Music hacks
a short flash movie (you tell me what to make it about)
a new banner for a website
custom moving avatars/ signatures
basically anything

so first four different commentators get their request ,so post one right away!


~ by stickman on August 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “What do you want to see?”

  1. Wether you’d still accept this what with this blog post being over a year old, what would be great is a sound replacement pack to replace Fox, Falco and/or Wolf’s voices with the Starfox 64 voices (which can all be found here: http://starfox-online.net/games/sf64/voiceacting/)

  2. I would do that, just format them the way I told you to in the most recent post and call it a request.

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