Spiderman Gameshark Codes (N64 NTSC-U)

As originally posted on GSCentral:

Main Menu text modifier:

With this, you can change what the items in the menu say. (I changed everything to C in the picture.)

Main Menu Text Mods (in order) [stickman]

"Continue" [stickman]
81017198 XxXx
8101719A XxXx
8101719C XxXx
8101719E XxXx

If you don't have a previously saved game, then:
"Continue not Available" [stickman]
81017204 XxXx
81017206 XxXx
81017208 XxXx
8101720A XxXx
8101720C XxXx
8101720E XxXx
81017210 XxXx
81017212 XxXx
81017214 XxXx
81017216 XxXx
81017218 XxXx

"New Game" [stickman]
810171A4 XxXx
810171A6 XxXx
810171A8 XxXx
810171AA XxXx

"Controller Pak" [stickman]
810171B0 XxXx
810171B2 XxXx
810171B4 XxXx
810171B6 XxXx
810171B8 XxXx
810171BA XxXx
810171BC XxXx

"Options" [stickman]
810171C0 XxXx
810171C2 XxXx
810171C4 XxXx
810171C6 Xx00

"Training" [stickman]
810171C8 XxXx
810171CA XxXx
810171CC XxXx
810171CE XxXx

"Records" [stickman]
810171D4 XxXx
810171D6 XxXx
810171D8 XxXx
810171DA Xx00

"Special" [stickman]
810171DC XxXx
810171DE XxXx
810171E0 XxXx
810171E2 Xx00

"Gallery" [stickman]
810171E4 XxXx
810171E6 XxXx
810171E8 XxXx
810171EA Xx00

I'm not sure where this one is, but:
"Play Again!" [stickman]
8101721C XxXx
8101721E XxXx
81017220 XxXx
81017222 XxXx
81017224 XxXx
81017226 Xx00

Xx is the two digit hex code that makes one letter (ex: 43 = C).
Each line of code holds two letters (hence the XxXx)
Don't change the 00. They don't do anything in-game,
so you can't add more
letters to your words.

Here is a converter to help you make your letters (although Google can provide any answers you may need)

ASCII to Hex converter (just remove the %’s from the hex when it is generated)


~ by stickman on July 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Spiderman Gameshark Codes (N64 NTSC-U)”

  1. I remember you posting this on GScentral, along with “I like Peas”

  2. that was dk64. I should copy that post here…

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