Another update!


I’ve been pretty busy this week, trying to find someone to play Daikatana(Yea, you heard me)with…surprisingly(not), no one really wants to. >_> <_< XD But hey, onto the music.

The first is In the Land of Twilight Under the Moon, from .Hack


The second is one of the most awesome Final Fantasy songs ever, The Landing from Final Fantasy 8!

…You know, the song when you go onto the island in the beginning of the game? That really awesome song? BAH!


Please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers this song. >_>

Anyway, the last one, is…well, it’s a remake of Awake from Castlevania: Circle of the Moon by Konami. This remake is called Rude Awakening by Rize. This man is awesome. >_>


I hope you all enjoy this, all of you people that view this site and all of you 0 people that look at my stuff. =D


~ by stickman on July 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “Another update!”

  1. Ahem. I look at the stuff. I’ve never heard any of it, but I take your word for it Marioandli

  2. I don’t know any of those games.

  3. Just posting from this cause I’m too lazy to get on my account(it takes so long to log in for me. >_>;)

    .Hack is a very good anime, just depends on which one you see.

    Also, go play Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. >_> You can get it pretty cheap on Amazon.

    Anyway, I hope you all like it. =D

  4. By the by, you know you need sleep when you see a typo, realize that’s how it should be said, then, coming back later, see the exact same word and think it’s a typo….about 3 more times.

    >_> I think I need my caffeine now.

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