Name change and news

I changed the name of the site and I want to turn this into an area where any level hacker can join (with a quick screening process unless I know you) and do what they want.
I am recruiting people, but this isn’t a team. It is just a place for people to post anything they want (MSPaint pictures, failed textures, good textures, game codes, anything) and just hang out for a bit.
I can use this as a place for free agents to be seen and be recruited by other teams, so if you are looking for a team, join here first, then post some stuff and people will see what you have to offer and then you can be selected from there.
this website is a no commitment thing, so you can post stuff, be recruited and have no hard feelings at all. (and i encourage that)

any artist on a team can join here to just to post random things when they feel like it.

everybody join today!


~ by stickman on July 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Name change and news”

  1. LMAO sounds fun! I’m free, so… Pretty Please?

  2. Thanks, I need to create an Xtreemhost account right? Do I need to use this e-mail? Xtreemhost rejects yahoo.

  3. I gave you a username and password already
    just add a /wp-admin to the .com

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