Um…ok, testing, does this work?


Hey there, Marioandli here, out to bring you some awesome songs for you to use in Brawl!

Mainly because this is the only thing he can do without blowing up his toaster somehow.

But Marioandli!  How do you blow up a toaster by using anything other then brstm making stuff?  I fail, that’s how..

Anyway, first off we have…KLUNGO!
…The boss theme.
Not much to say about this, I made this and another song for my audition. =D

The other audition song being Grunty Industries!
Same, not much to say, I am happy with how this came out, though.

Coming up in third, is SURE PROMISE! From Big O!
This is one of my favorite animes, I’ve watched it ever since I was younger so I was pretty excited to get the full song into Brawl.

Fourth, from the north(*ha ha, lame rhymes…someone shoot me*), is…that intro stage for X from Megaman X4!
The one good thing about X4, besides Zero, might very well have been the music. But it didn’t have Dynamo, one of the 7 most awesome people in the world.

Fun Fact:I was going to add in Scarlet Battle Soul from Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, but I lost the file due to my failness.

So, instead of that, fifth is THE FULL INTRO TO DRAGON BALL Z BUDOKAI 2!!!
You might remember this song, it was the intro to said game above and had some of the most epic stuff ever(splitting the moon in half for one). However, this is the full song! =D

Sixth, and not the least, is Into the Dark Night, from Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow!
If I can’t have my favorite Castlevania:DoS song for you guys, I’ll give you all my second favorite…cause I love yas. =3

Anyway, who’s betting I messed up somewhere? XD


~ by stickman on July 15, 2009.

5 Responses to “Um…ok, testing, does this work?”

  1. OH MY GOD! It looks like it works! HA HA HA HA HAAA!

    So, did you notice Wallace’s Knights Crest?

  2. I noticed you were excited about all your songs and no download links… lol

  3. Y’know what I really want to do?

    I want to make a victory theme that’s dedicated to Mr.Gold and Mr.Silver from God Hand.


    Mr.Silver:ELVIS! E-L-V-I-S!

    …God…that’d be the best thing ever.

    Sadly, I don’t know where I’d get a voice clip of that…I should try sometime, though.

  4. well, idk either, but sounds cool
    btw, you are free to update whenever you want. you dont have to get things approved by me

  5. Right, I think I’ll update once a week, with 3-4 songs. Don’t wanna burn myself out, y’know?

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