Not Holding Back

So here is everything that I have ever worked on that I never released… I can provide downloads if you want, but these things stink, so I won’t do it unless someone asks (and I can find the pcs somewhere)
Two were made prior to me being on Power Nation, one was made when I was on Power Nation, and one was made afterwards. But now I am back on Power Nation, and there is no reason for me to keep these in a folder in my flash drive. I would like to give thanks to SuperCoins for taking some of these pictures.



~ by stickman on July 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Not Holding Back”

  1. Nice. I have a question. I have heard that you do N64 hacks. Well, I would like to know the method you have for loading a hack onto the catridge because I think I could alter that and then use it for uploading hacks to my Sega Genesis cartridges. So cna you tell me?

  2. on FAQ

  3. What’s the Emerald Luigi?

  4. Metal Luigi, it seems.

    I like it, it looks awesome.

  5. tie dye metal. if you unpack him, you can see what i did to make his awesome body
    they are all pretty much nameless rejects

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