Want to Join a Team?

Well here is your chance. Power Nation is now recruiting and I know at least one person who looks at my blog is looking to join a team. I may not be on that team anymore, but I am still good friends with the owner, Power Marshall, so get over to \PN/ and try out. If you have any questions, contact me or PM and we will make the proper arrangements.


~ by stickman on July 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Want to Join a Team?”

  1. Is that me? Well, I have a question. Were can I get Emerald Textures?

  2. depends what you are asking….
    if you mean where on the iso, then in the character folders, it is Fit[character]Dark.pac

    if you mean that you don’t have an iso, i would gladly compile a zip folder full of them for you.

    (note: not all characters have them… for obvious reasons if you played the SSE)

  3. I mean the ladder. Yes I do know that Sonic, Wolf, and Zero Suit Samus don’t have them. Thank you so much for getting these!

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