Majora’s Mask N64 Gameshark Code

just a new code i made last night. i found it by accident but its still pretty cool

Disable the widescreen Z-target mode [stickman]
811EE030 AAAA

~ by stickman on July 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “Majora’s Mask N64 Gameshark Code”

  1. Huh, I saw a picture in Nintendo Power saying it came to VC. My mind went: DISABL WIDESCREEN, INFINITE HEARTS, HEARTSEN, JACKSON 5! 42!


    Great code for the N64.

  2. Oh happy 4th. 😀

  3. you too Bonzai!

  4. Thanks, there are a lot of explosions near my house, but they’re during the day…

  5. Those are my neighbors, Bonzai. Happy 4th Stickman!

  6. thanks, man

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