Half of a request completed + more

It rained pretty hard today and my power went out several times. I would have updated earlier but I couldn’t. Songs update today. I had a request for the Dynamo theme from Megaman and I also threw in some Banjo-Tooie bosses and a Pac-Man boss.
I’m kinda surprised how bad of a job the Pac-Man World 2 music team did on looping the soundtrack. I played B-doing woods a while ago to see how it looped, and it didn’t. It just stopped on started halfway through the song again. Song time!

Dynamo Theme, Mr. Patch boss fight, Old King Coal boss fight, Fight against Pinky the Ghost, Weldar boss fight


~ by stickman on June 26, 2009.

15 Responses to “Half of a request completed + more”

  1. Hey dood, my computer is fried. So I’m posting this from my PS3.

    Sorry, Imight not be onAIM for a month or afew. >_<

  2. Wait! Who commented above me? This is Madness! lol jk
    I’m gonna kick myself, but what’s the Weldar boss song from?

  3. @Marioandli- that’s ok. The other half of the request will be done when you get back.


    (so is Mr. Patch and Old King Coal)

  4. Ah, sounded like a metroid name. Tyhanks for clearing my foggy memory.

  5. *Thanks (how did I misspell that)

  6. Hey Bonzai, =D.

    Coulda sworn I posted before..meh..

    I just hope that a SD Loader for Music is implemented by the time I get back…=/

    Oh, one more thing, again, Pete, I really appreciate it, thanks. =D

  7. Hey Marioandli.

    Pete, PW, and myself in some respects are working on it (Pete, you did send the PM right? Be sure to forward the response to me when it comes.)

  8. i did. i dont think im part of this though… im no wii hacker

  9. You are? That’s great! But I thought PW was on a break..

    Anyway, I look forward to it. =D

  10. He is… lol

  11. I have a Gecko but no knowledge of it xD.

  12. Bonzai you should know your Banjo-Tooie.
    @Stickman, Peter whatever
    Thats the original game from the N64, right?

  13. Sí, Señor.
    The music is from B-T, but Banjo Kazooie came first

  14. I always thought it was Banjo-Kazooie.

  15. banjo and kazooie are the characters. B-K was the first game, B-T was the sequel (and my favorite game ever for the n64) and then N&B from what i hear, just sucks

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