Midnight rambling

I’m almost out of ideas. I have a lot of unreleased stuff but I have nothing left after that. I am asking you, (everyone who looks at this page), to help me out.
What do you want released next? A song, stage, or character?

I may recruit people in the future… or just rejoin PN… maybe. That will still take a LONG time…….

This post will probably be deleted when i think about what i wrote and come to my senses lol


~ by stickman on June 21, 2009.

9 Responses to “Midnight rambling”

  1. I’d like to see a stage next. If you are recruiting, may I recommend TK 421? I knida ditched him when I joined Elite Smash Hackers without telling him.

  2. Ok… im not looking yet. It may be easier for me to rejoin a team though because i am not too well known

  3. Yeah, and Power Nation fell apart without you.

  4. i wouldnt say that. but i do know i started the quitting rampage at other sites and i kinda felt bad about that.

  5. Hm true. Don’t worry, we all were kinda bored. We need to redefine being on a team. Instead of “I am on “suchandsuch” I need to overwork myself”, we need, “Huh, I made a cool texture. Hey guys look.”

  6. That would be nice. It seems like KC and ESH really became teams again. They work together now and the sites look great.

  7. I wish I could do texture modding, cause I want to help, but I have…

    1.No knowledge of hexing, or anything programming related(ironic since I want to be a programmer…)

    2.My artistic talents suck(best things I ever drew were my character in Maplestory and Don Patch. =/)

    So really, all I can do is offer my silly little fanboy ideas. XD Which are mostly related to games no one remembers like Comix Zone, Shining Force, etc.

    Did I mention I love the Camo Alloy? It looks REALLY cool. =D

  8. That’s ok. I’m not looking yet. So far I only have two or three people that come here, so it’s pretty manageable for it to be just me right now.

    And yes you did 😀 It’s under the downloads at Power Nation if you want to download it.

    BTW good song, i just downloaded it and i’m going to make it later

  9. I downloaded it the second I managed to find out where the download was that I could use to download the download that would change the alloy’s texture via a download that I found on a download page…download.

    Also, thanks, it is good, isn’t it? =3 I need to get it on my ipod. I really appreciate it, again, thank you. =3

    If y’want, I can get you a few pictures of Max for Shining Force, my AIM sn is ViewtifulRadd if y’ever need to get ahold of me, or if y’want to Brawl on Brawl(or Brawl+).

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