End of the Weekend

Nothing really to show you today. I have one song and stage builder parts, but they aren’t worth taking pictures of. Instead of using the complex code to make a blue or green screen, I just made it simpler and recolored every part of the stage blue or green. This is useless for brawls, unless you plan on making awesome signatures with Brawl characters (like I have on GSCentral). So for downloads today, I have blue screen parts, green screen parts, and Goron Shrine from Majora’s Mask.

Blue Screen, Green Screen, Goron Shrine (song)

Enjoy! You won’t see major updates for the next week or so because it is finals week, but I will still give you a song or two almost every day.


~ by stickman on June 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “End of the Weekend”

  1. You are going to make me burn a disk aren’t you?

  2. Eventually we should get a file replacement code for music too. I hope.

  3. That would be nice. The best you can do from what I hear is that if you use the usb loader, you can open a modded Brawl iso… with music and texture replacements! 😀

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