Super Song Update

I got home from school today and I was all set to start working on a massive song request, but for some reason my computer didn’t identify the sound driver, so I couldn’t edit a song, or even play it in Winamp. I left my computer alone and came back a couple hours later, but it still didn’t work. Turns out that I just had to reboot it and it worked fine. I didn’t get to all the requests I have, but I have a 14 song update that you may enjoy. This is every short song in Majora’s Mask (just about all of them) in the victory pose format (when someone wins a match in Brawl). So here you go.

Song of Double Time, Elegy of Emptiness, Epona’s Song, Song of Frogs, Goron Lullaby, Song of Healing, Song of Inverted Time, New Wave Bossanova, Oath to Order, Song of Soaring, Sonata of Awakening, Song of Storms, Song of Time, Ballad of the Windfish

Remember: these songs are all victory songs and should NOT be used for normal Brawl songs (becuase they are only a few seconds long each).


~ by stickman on June 12, 2009.

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  1. I love you in a cohacker nonsexual way.

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