More Music!

Growing up, I had a Nintendo 64, the greatest console of all time. One of my favorite games was Donkey Kong 64 and there was one song that always stuck out for me. I liked the music in the Jungle Japes level (first level), but there are only two sections in that whole area that have the cool music that I liked most and made a brstm out of. You can hear this in the area where you first warp to from the lobby, or in the area that has Banana-port pad 5. It’s that awesome.

The other song I have for you is a song that I am surprised wasn’t included in the original song list for Brawl. I am willing to bet it was in the running, but just didn’t make the cut, even though there are a lot of Legend of Zelda songs in there to begin with. I heard this song when playing through Twilight Princess, and I thought it was cool, so here I give you Death Mountain.

Download: Jungle Japes (cool version) | Death Mountain


~ by stickman on June 11, 2009.

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  1. Woo!

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