I think I’ve edited this page enough to let it be seen by the public. This will be my new hidout to avoid doing work in school (kidding) and making fun of my teachers (..maybe haha). I may end up deleting my other blog, just because there’s no sense for it anymore. This one is cooler. Period. JUMP!

OK, so you may be wondering “Hey, who’s this Peter kid?” (or not), but read the About Me up top, or keep reading to find out. I used to be an artist and math nerd for Power Nation (that’s why I’m only linked to them at the moment), but even though I quit, I’m still friends with the team (at least I hope so…) (I am stickman if you can’t tell already). I’m not doing any more textures for the team because well, I got sick of it. It was too much work for nobody to see and admire. So now I am here, but with a variety of crap and downloads. Everything from now on will be only me, because I can manage it fine. In the future, be prepared for music, games, downloads, and maybe even a SSBB texture hack on special occassions and stay tuned for more.


~ by stickman on May 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Nice to see you again Stick (Sorry, I’m too lazy to start calling you Peter)

  2. Hey thanks! You’ll still see more of me in other places… 😀

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