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Site is dead. Stop coming here. That is all.

I’m Back!!

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I’m happy beyond belief. I’ve found a flash animation program that is similar to Adobe Flash, but it is free and still works awesomely. I’m back animating again! And it has ActionScript 2 support (which I am familiar with), so coding visually pleasing websites will be a breeze now!

Awesome end to a blah day.

And here it is

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As I said before, I wanted to challenge myself by writing the same program in another language, so I did. And because of the built in functions in php, there are actually less restrictions on the web version than in my C++ program. On the web version, I was able to limit how much a person could type in a field, add spaces automatically to the end of shorter phrases, and then automatically convert lowercase letters to uppercase letters so that the game can recognize the text. So without anymore delay, here you go, DK64 to start out with: http://stickman.zxq.net/hacks/dk64.php


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All codes I have made are now added to my database. CHECK!
Now I need to make codes in action videos for all the stragglers.
And I want to see if it is possible for me to replicate my N64 code generator programs using php instead of C++. I like a good challenge once in a while, and I’m sure that people are more likely to use it if they don’t have to download anything. We’ll see. Until then… blergh.

EDIT: I just realized something, I’m not done hacking the action music mod that I just made a video for. There’s more addresses that I didn’t find yet! But I’ll save that for later… if I can without it driving me crazy.

Wow, Simply Wow

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After spending a few days to brush up on my php knowledge, I realized that it is extremely similar to C++ (at least the way I was using it). Not that it will make a difference, but I think I’m going to try to make web page ports of all the programs I made, just to see if I can do it. I almost think it will be easier to do with php, but we’ll see.

Also, there’s a new codes in action video on my YouTube channel. Go check it out on my sidebar if you haven’t seen it yet.

Spiderman Code Generator Finished

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Banjo-Tooie Image Mod Madness

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So in order to help make my codes fit into a more neatly confined place, I decided to find every image mod address and putt them in order so that there were no doubles. Here is what I have now:

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